Workers Rights

Together, Bruce Rauner and Donald Trump are launching an all-out attack on public employee unions and their members. They seek to end collective bargaining as we know it by upending decades of U.S. Supreme Court precedent. Attorneys general in states across the nation are the last line of defense against Trump’s unconstitutional policies and conduct. Pat Quinn strongly supports the amicus brief filed by state attorneys general before the U.S. Supreme Court opposing this brazen attack on everyday people and their unions.

As Attorney General, Pat Quinn will defend the #1 economic right: the right to a job.

A job is the best way to fight crime, keep families together, and build a stable society. As Governor, he signed Illinois Jobs Now!, the largest investment in job creation in state history. He enacted more Project Labor Agreements than any other governor in the country to ensure the job gets done on time and on budget, and that workers are compensated, represented and treated fairly.

Pat Quinn will work to increase the minimum wage and protect the rights of workers, including the right to bargain collectively. He will protect workers from wage theft, pregnancy discrimination, misclassification, and unfair practices by employers.