Pat Quinn, State Sen. Emil Jones III Discuss the Importance of Safety Net Hospitals

CHICAGO – Pat Quinn, Democratic candidate for Attorney General and former Illinois Governor, was joined by State Senator Emil Jones III (D-Chicago) discuss the importance of safety net hospitals and Quinn’s decisive steps to save Roseland Community Hospital from certain closure five years ago. Sen. Jones also endorsed Quinn in his bid for Attorney General.

“Safety net hospitals like Roseland are an anchor for the community, and as Governor it was a priority for me to protect their patients and employees,” Quinn said. “These vital services were able to continue because we worked together to keep the doors open and come up with a viable, long-term plan for Roseland to remain open in the future.”

Roseland Community Hospital provides much-needed assistance to poor families, including many who do not have insurance. In 2013, Roseland was millions of dollars in debt and on the verge of closure. With the vital assistance of Sen. Emil Jones III, discussions began with the Quinn administration to find a viable path forward for Roseland.

On June 5, 2013, the Quinn administration announced $350,000 in temporary assistance to Roseland, and then worked to bring about structural changes that would keep Roseland solvent for the long term.

“I was proud to work with Sen. Jones to keep these healthcare services and jobs in the community, and I’m proud to have his support in this race,” Quinn added.​