Quinn Answers False Attack on Gun Record

Statement from David Roeder, spokesman for Quinn for Illinois:

This is a false attack from Mayor Rotering, who should know better. As governor, Pat Quinn signed laws to toughen penalties for gun crimes. As attorney general, he will continue his work to ban assault weapons. In 2012, Governor Quinn received the Abraham Lincoln Award from the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence for his work on preventing gun violence. It will take determined advocacy, not unwarranted attacks, to achieve essential, common-sense reform to protect communities across Illinois.

Please see this 2013 article in which the NRA-backed gun industry assailed Governor Quinn for his efforts to ban assault weapons.

Comments from Pam Bosley, the mother of Chicago crime victim Terrell Bosley:

For me, gun violence isn’t an issue for politicians to bandy about in TV ads. It’s personal.

After gun violence changed my life, I became an advocate for common-sense gun laws. In and out of office, Pat Quinn has been right there trying to keep our communities safe from guns. He’s passionate about banning high-capacity ammunition magazines. He’s passionate about providing opportunities in schools and the community to keep kids off the streets.

I know that Pat Quinn is committed to ending gun violence, because he’s been beside me on the front lines. Nancy Rotering should be ashamed of herself for her misleading negative ad.