Statement by Pat Quinn on Erika Harold’s Recently Reported Views on Gay Adoption

CHICAGO – Pat Quinn, former Illinois Governor and ​Democratic ​candidate for Illinois Attorney General, released the following ​statement in response to recent reports regarding Erika Harold’s views on gay adoptions:

Erika Harold’s reported views about the legitimate adoption rights of gay couples should alarm everyone in Illinois. Ms. Harold should know that there is never a situation when it is acceptable to knowingly put children in an unsafe home.

All children deserve loving parents who will protect them from harm. To expose foster youth to abusive placements is inexcusable and wrong.

As Governor, I stood for tolerance and fought hard to make marriage equality the law of Illinois. As Attorney General, I will speak out against bigotry whenever it surfaces. I will protect children from abusive situations and I will safeguard the rights of gay couples.

As Bruce Rauner’s handpicked candidate for Attorney General, Ms. Harold has the duty to protect children from abuse and combat bigotry of any kind.

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